Essays, Sermons, Activities:

Archbishop Tutu’s Climate Prayer via Powerpoint

This powerpoint of a prayer by Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town Desmond Tutu in response to climate change could be used for a Pray and Fast service, or any similar occasion.

Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ)’s Living Faithfully into a New Climate

A package of materials for Canadian Christians to highlight the importance of the September 2014 UN Climate Summit and to enable increased engagement in creation advocacy and care as we move towards the December 2015 COP21 meeting in Paris on creation care and advocacy

The Parable of the Talents – Christian Bible Study on Divestment and Reinvestment (GreenFaith)
A 2-session Bible study that addresses fossil fuel divestment, clean energy reinvestment, the environment and the ethics of investing

Divestment Role-play (GreenFaith)
A creative exercise in which people play different roles in a religious institution debating divestment

Sermon Tips (GreenFaith)
Tips for clergy or leaders who want to offer a sermon on divestment and reinvestment – with Jewish and Christian texts.

Divest & Reinvest Now! – Overview Essay (GreenFaith)
An introductory essay addressing divestment and reinvestment, with discussion questions

Christian Biblical Teachings on Divestment and Reinvestment (GreenFaith)
A description of four Biblical themes, with supporting passages

Jewish Ethical Investment Teachings by Rabbi Lawrence Troster (GreenFaith)
An essay introducing Jewish teachings on ethical investing, with discussion questions

Jewish Handbook: Move Our Money/Protect Our Planet from the Shalom Center
Also, more on MOM/POP: a Rabbinic CallJewish Sources, and an explanatory article

Jewish Sources on Ethical Investing, Climate Change and Divestment (GreenFaith)
An annotated collection of traditional Jewish sources

Fossil Fuels: What’s a Jewish Investor to do?
A blog post with guidelines for responsible investing

Teachings on Investment Ethics from Religious Traditions (GreenFaith)
Links to a selection of teachings from different religions

Good Steward Campaign
Christian educational resources, from an Evangelical perspective

Bill McKibben’s Religious Writing on Divestment (GreenFaith)
A selection of McKibben’s writings on divestment and reinvestment for faith communities

Muslim Green Guide to Reducing Climate Change
UK based Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences offers a simple set of carbon reduction actions supported by Islamic teachings.


GreenFaith Webinar Recordings:
Each recording is approximately 60 minutes and contains a PowerPoint presentation and audio recording.

Divest & Reinvest Now – Introduction
Rev. Fletcher Harper introduces GreenFaith’s Divest & Reinvest Now Campaign.  6/20/13

The Bible, Divestment & Reinvestment
Rabbi Lawrence Troster and Rev. Richard Cizik speak about Biblical and moral teachings on divestment and reinvestment – from Jewish and Christian perspectives. 7/15/13

Divest & Reinvest Now Heroes – United Church of Christ (UCC) and Unitarian Universalist (UU) Leadership
The UCC’s Rev. Jim Antal and UU leader Terry Wiggins speak about divest and reinvest resolutions adopted at their recent denominational conventions.  8/12/13

Financial Considerations in Divesting and Reinvesting
Leslie Samuelrich from Green Century Capital Management and Thomas Van Dyck from RBC Wealth Management discuss the financial considerations for divestment and reinvestment, and share a process that trustees and managers of religious funds can follow.  9/16/13

Conversation with Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben, a key leader in the divestment-reinvestment movement, speaks about the importance of the faith community’s involvement.  10/3/13

Catholic Perspectives on Divestment and Reinvestment
Author Doug Demeo and Catholic theologians Erin Lothes and Richard Miller share the reactions to Demeo’s article on this topic in America Magazine and describe relevant Catholic teachings.



Fletcher Harper of GreenFaith (USA) explores the rationale for faith-based divestment with a focus on historical roots for contemporary action at the 6th Annual Green Awakening Network/Greening Sacred Spaces forum on March 1 2014. With an introduction by the David MacDonald.


Should Canadian faith communities be “faithfully disruptive” and divest from the fossil fuel industry? Christine Boyle of Spirited Social Change addresses this question at the 6th Annual Green Awakening Network/Greening Sacred Spaces forum on March 1 2014.


Q & A panel with presenters at the 6th Annual Green Awakening Network / Greening Sacred Spaces forum. Jane Ambachtsheer, Christine Boyle, Mike Brigham, Fletcher Harper, & Monica Resendes address questions related to faith communities and fossil fuel divestment. David MacDonald moderates.

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