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May 2014

World Council of Churches Votes to Divest
July 11th, 2014

Eastminster United Church Divests
July 3rd, 2014

UK Doctors Vote to End Fossil Fuel Funding
July 1st, 2014

The Unitarian Universalist Association Joins Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement
June 28th, 2014

Catholic University of Dayton Divests from Coal and Fossil Fuels
From Vatican Radio, June 23rd, 2014

Union Seminary Makes History With Vote To Divest from Fossil Fuels
June 10th, 2014

First Unitarian Church of Ottawa Votes to Divest
April 28th, 2014

Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church becomes the first Canadian Faith Institution to Divest from Fossil Fuels
February 24th, 2014

Divestment Strategy, in the United Church of Canada’s Observer Magazine
“Climate change is happening. It’s worsening. Our options for action are running out. Our government isn’t budging. And the call for real action on climate could use additional moral voices. Our voices.” May, 2014

Wrecking the Climate is Bad for Business
By Stephen Scharper in the Toronto Star – March 24, 2014

Faith Leaders Need to Find Their Voice on Climate Change
Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, in The Guardian – May 7th, 2014

We Need an Apartheid-Style Boycott to Save the Planet
Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the importance of the fossil fuel divestment movement, in The Guardian – April 10th, 2014

Pope Francis: Causing Climate Change is a Sin
Pope Francis makes the religious case for tackling climate change – May 2014.

Faith Leaders Tackle Tricky Question of Fossil Fuel Divestment
From Clean Energy Canada’s James Glave – February 2014

More Churches Calling for Divestment from Fossil Fuel
Boston Globe feature – June 30, 2013

It’s time to Divest
Editorial by Dick Benner in the Canadian Mennonite Magazine – April 23, 2014

Inside Climate News – Spreading Like Wildfire, Fossil Fuel Divestment Strikes a Moral Chord
Campus-based divestment spreads rapidly, emphasizes morality – Dec. 6, 2012

Synod approves resolution calling for fossil fuel divestment and other strategies
United Church of Christ National meeting becomes first US denomination to vote to divest.  July 1, 2013


Examples of Religious Resolutions on Divestment and Reinvestment

United Church of Christ Synod – National Resolution on Engaging Climate Change
This resolution calls on the UCC to engage in shareholder and legislative advocacy and other actions including divestment in response to climate change.

Unitarian Universalist Business Resolution – December 2013
This resolution calls on the Unitarian Universalist Association to divest, apart from the minimal holding needed to allow ongoing shareholder advocacy.

Presbytery of Boston Divestment Resolution – for national Presbyterian Church USA Divestment
This overture calls on the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church to divest from fossil fuel holdings and reinvest in a clean energy future.  This overture has now (December 2013) been adopted by two US presbyteries and will be considered at the PCUSA General Assembly in the summer of 2014.

Anglican Diocese of Auckland, New Zealand Divestment Resolution
This resolution calls on the Anglican Church of New Zealand to divest from fossil fuel holdings within two years.

Unitarian Universalist Action of Immediate Witness – Consider Divestment from the Fossil Fuel Industry
This resolution calls in UU congregations nationwide to conduct discussions about fossil fuel divestment.

Episcopal Diocese of Newark Resolution on Responding to Superstorm Sandy
This resolution includes a call for the diocese to conduct a discussion of divestment and reinvestment, to provide a recommendation to the 2014 diocesan convention, and asks the national Episcopal Church to conduct a similar analysis and recommendation.  Scroll to the middle of the document for the actual resolution.

Oregon Synod (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – ELCA) and New England Synod (ELCA) Resolutions
Both resolutions call for all ELCA churches and agencies to divest from fossil fuel holdings. 

Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ Resolution Urging Denomination-Wide Divestment from Fossil Fuels
This resolution calls for the United Church of Christ – as a denomination – to divest from fossil fuel holdings and to encourage other religious denominations to do the same.  For further resources from the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC, click here.

First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee Resolution on Fossil Fuel Divestment
This resolution calls on the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee to divest from fossil fuel holdings and to encourage the Unitarian Universalist Association to do the same. 

Uniting Church New South Wales ACT Synod Resolution on Divestment
This resolution was adopted by Australia’s Uniting Church’s Synod of New South Wales to divest from fossil fuel holdings.

Letter to Dover (NH) Friends Meeting Reporting Divestment Decision
This letter was sent to members of the Dover Friends Meeting after its Business Meeting decided to divest from a mutual fund with fossil fuel holdings.  For the congregation’s letter to the fund manager, click here.

Cambridge Quaker Meeting Minute to Friends Fiduciary Corporation
A “minute” is an official communication from a Quaker business meeting.  This particular minute, on divestment and reinvestment, is directed to the Friends Fiduciary Corporation, the investment arm of the US Quaker community. 

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