Anjali Appadurai

Anjali Appadurai

Anjali is a communicator and campaigner in the international youth climate movement. Specializing in the intersection of international climate politics  and social movements, she began this work with the youth organization Earth in Brackets which aims to translate political processes to civil society around the world.
The personal is political, and Anjali is interested in how the new world lives in our minds and hearts. She continues to explore the question of how to tell the story of climate justice in a way that re-frames the values we want to live in accordance with. She believes that transformation happens when we connect to our deepest-held beliefs. This inquiry got her interested in working with the media, which she thinks of as a powerful tool and a fickle lover. She enjoys diving into the study of power, ideology and societal narratives through strategic communications and media work, an interest galvanized by her work with [Earth].
Anjali currently works as a Communications and Engagement Specialist with West Coast Environmental Law, and organizes with the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice, an international coalition of people’s movements around the world taking action on energy. She is also co-founder of the nascent online political platform Tipping Point Collective.
Follow her on twitter @anjaliapp
“I want the personal to become the political. To wrangle the oppressive power relations that mess up our world, while remaining true to myself.”
The Face of Power (The Wild Magazine, 2014)
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