Talia Martz-Oberlander

Talia Martz-Oberlander

Talia grew up in an Ashkenazi Jewish family in Vancouver, BC. She works to combine lessons from Judaism with a focus on the complex social justice issues that intensify the causes and effects of the climate crisis.

Talia is committed to being well-versed in the science of climate change and to collaborative social justice work. She became involved in youth-focused, non-partisan climate action at fifteen and has since led community recycling and food projects and interned with the David Suzuki Foundation.

Talia currently studies at Quest University in Squamish, BC. Her studies focus on electromagnetism and material sciences via question-based learning by asking, “How can light inspire effective design?”. At university, she leads Jewish campus events and is the director of The Lumen Room resource centre for issues of sex, gender, sexuality, and health.

Talia is excited to approach climate justice work from a faith perspective because of faith’s powerful tool for human connection.

“It is our generation that will ultimately face humans’ greatest challenge: climate change. Truly, such a task can be better tackled united.”


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