• Spiritually Rooted Direct Action Training

    This May the global climate movement will be rallying at critical climate justice sites, in massive peaceful resistance designed to slow the extraction of fossil fuels. In Western Canada this site is Burnaby Mountain and the Kinder Morgan pipeline.
    In preparation, Fossil Free Faith was part of hosting a non-violent direct-action training rooted in spirit and faith. The goal was for folks to get a sense of what participating in civil disobedience might look like, the many roles for supporting peaceful acts of resistance (many of which are support roles that don’t involve risking arrest), and hold space to ask questions and do some moral/theological discernment around the risks that the climate crisis presents.
    Read more about Break Free: http://canada.breakfree2016.org.

    April 30 NV Direct Action Training - Poster

    The training is being hosted by Salal and Cedar and Fossil Free Faith, at Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace. With training being provided by 350.org and Greenpeace.

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